Art is my doorway and my window. I respond to what both delights and disrupts me. My art is the intersection of that conversation I see myself as a scribe to the whispers below the surface. Sometimes, I simply want to give a pencil line it’s exalted presence. Using color, and shape, now revealed to this world saying hello.

I work with acrylic paints, mixed media and collage. I grew up, and live, in Portland, Oregon. My prompts and ideas come mostly from nature, sometimes nostalgic fragments of memory and pattern. Sometimes, they come from a cameo appearance of colors seemingly in conversation. I am inspired by walks, words, flashes of irony. Often, I take photos as a launching pad giving voice to a new discovery. I may see a stand of trees or lyrical vine that reminds me of a living scribble. I love mixing things up, I love paradox. Quirky, beautiful, raw, refined, and bold, introverted, extroverted, agreeable, rebellious. Noticing how creating can be used as a playing field for the soul, hooks me and fuels my curiosity. Sometimes the simple straw mark says it all, with no need to explain further. I hope you enjoy following the journey as I do.