Art is my doorway and my window. I respond to what both delights and disrupts me. My art is the intersection of that conversation. I remain curious, as I shine a light into hidden corners, acting as a scribe to the whispers below the surface.
I grew up, and live in Portland, Oregon. My practice evolves through a continued, informal, self-exploration into what it means to create my world. I am also a creative life guide/ life coach.
I apply my art practice to noticing what limits me in life. This allows me to ask what limiting beliefs I may hold. Specifically, the ones keeping me hostage to self-criticism, self-consciousness, or perfectionism. I enjoy the ability to liberate myself from these restraints one layer at a time. I love encouraging others to become more alive and present through the act of creativity in art and in life.
I am drawn to the immediacy of acrylic paints, mixed media, and collage. The layers create depth and dimension. I also have enjoyed working in encaustic (beeswax) as well as chalk pastels.
My prompts and ideas come from nature and my inner musings. Sometimes nostalgic fragments of memory and pattern emerge.
I love the paradox of opposites which find their way to cohabitate on the canvas. Quirky-refined, mysterious-bold, vintage-new, quiet-loud, naïve-wise. I hope you enjoy following the journey as I do!

I also sell my work through Sundance Catalog